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Sometimes in life the only person we think we can count on is ourselves. For Lucas he wakes up one morning to a reflection of the person that he will soon become. He is able to talk to himself and ask questions but once he is told that he will die soon, things begin to change. He must immediately change his life choices to save his life. But this gift comes with the reality of how a bad decision can affect the rest of his life. Lucas is left with a choice: he can change and save a life or he can continue to spiral and the gift of self will be lost forever. Fighting a fight within yourself can prove to be one of the most difficult fights to win.

Duo/ Duet- Reflecting

  • (Scene opens, Older Lucas is watching Younger Lucas sleep. He messes with him, ending up in bed with him, whispering in his hear.) Older Lucas: Sweet me…oh sweet little me. (Silence, it doesn’t wake him. He thinks.) LUCAS! (Laughs) Younger Lucas: OH MY GOD! Who are you and what are you doing in my bed? Oh no, you’re some freak guy that climbed in my window to take advantage of my innocence. Mom! Dad! Older Lucas: Oh come on you know mom is at work and dad could sleep through a hurricane. Younger Lucas: This is some deep, deep nightmare stuff like they guy with the knives, this is a dream. Or you’re just a creep. (He starts to slap himself in the face to wake himself up.) OL: Woooo, buddy, calm down. Stop hitting yourself though, honestly it is funny as hell to watch you beat yourself up but I promise it’s no necessary, no on my account and me having sex with you …well lets say it’s beyond incest. I don’t even know that there is a clinical term for that. Actually I think they call it (Whispers in his ear) YL: I think I’m going to vomit. (Beat) Who the hell are you and why are you in my room at six o’clock in the morning? How do you know stuff about my parents? Are you a stalker? OL: I- YL: In love with my mom? OL: No, I- YL: My dad? OL: No, stop talking. (Beat) Who am I? Really? You don’t see it? You don’t get it? (He stands him in front of a mirror) YL: No. Obviously I don’t get anything or see whatever it is that you think I should see because I’m standing in my room in my boxers having this conversation. (Beat) I’m getting dressed. OL: You should shower first. YL: You ARE a pervert. Get out! OL: No, no, no. Come on you know how I sweat at night. If I don’t take a shower I’d be totally disgusting all day. Then Sara won’t want me to bring her home after school and mom and dad will start asking all of these questions about our relationship and I hate that.




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