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Mara and Melonie are two sisters living in the memory of their lives as children and the years after. When one of the sisters is beaten to death by her boyfriend the other finds herself remembering their lives as children and being the product of an abusive home. Mara is the older sister who is lost without her sister, so she chooses to keep her spirit alive by talking to her while packing their parents house. The house where their mother was abused by their father. For Mara she doesn't understand how they could grow up in an abusive household and her sister Melonie grow up and fall victim to the same abuse. As Melonie speaks to her Mara realizes that sometimes the things that we fear the most end up being the only reality we have to hold on to.

Duo/ Duet- Ressurected Past

  • (Scene opens with Mara packing. She is loading a box full of things. Some things are clearly more important than others. She hums a tune that is audible but not sung.) Mara: Hey Mel, do you want this picture of us when we were kids? (Laughs) It’s the one from Disney. Oh God mom was not happy with you at all. Melanie: (Off stage) Ummm, no you keep it I’ll take the ones from the zoo in San Diego. Mara: I love those. Melanie: Then lets make copies so that we can both have a copy. (She appears in the background. She watches her sister pack, it is clear that she loves her but is also in someway broken. She hears the song and smiles, enters.) So how much do you have left? Mara: Not too much just a few boxes, a few pictures and some records. Melanie: Oh God, I forgot I still have records. Mara: Still have them? We fought over them when mom died. You said “I want the records because I’m going to be a DJ when I grow up.” (They laugh) A DJ- Melanie: Hey on MTV being a DJ was the coolest job on television. Mara: (Picks up something) Melanie: What’s that? Mara: Nothing. It’s nothing. Melanie: Let me see. (She shows it to her) Oh. Family pictures. I thought I got rid of all of those when mom died. She never let me throw them away while she was alive. Mara: I know. Melanie: But she’s gone now and I don’t want to…remember. (They are now children. Ages should be old enough to communicate clearly with each other but definitely younger than the adults they are in opening scene) Mara: (Runs into a room, locks the door.) Mel! Mel! Where are you? (She begins looking for her. She is worried, anxious as if time is running out.) Mel? Are you in here? Melanie: (Whisper) Mara. Mara I’m down here. Mara: (Looks under the bed, relieved) Mel, are you okay? Melanie: Yes. Why is daddy so mad at mommy? Mara: Because he has been drinking. Remember what I told you happens when daddy drinks?




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