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Halli and Mary are sisters. Like most sisters they laugh and cry together and support each other through even the toughest of times. Halli is the big sister and Mary is her annoying little sister. Through a series of scenes we see them grow through being children, teens and adults and the challenges that were faced. In the midst of addictive behavior Halli finds herself falling down a hole that she looks to her sister to pull her out of. Mary, being the great sister she is never gives up on her sister. As Halli deals with her addiction Mary slides into the dangers of an abusive relationship that she can not walk out of. In the end the bond of the two sisters is challenged many times but they are able to hold each others hand for the strongest support and most important love of all.

Duo/ Duet- Sisterhood

  • (Scene opens with two sisters playing, a fight begins one leaves.) Halli: In the dictionary under little sister it should be a picture of a blank page. Mary: (Thinking) Why a blank page? Halli: Because if Mr. Dictionary were thinking he’d realize that little sisters… Mary: Yes… Halli: Shouldn’t exist! Mary: But if little sisters didn’t exiss- Halli: ExiST. Mary: Whatever. If little sisters didn’t exis- if we weren’t here then you couldn’t be a big sister. Halli: Well- Mary: Right. So like I was saying you need me in order to be important. Halli: Technically, I guess you have a point. But this is why you are so annoying. Mary: But you love me. Halli: I- Mary: Just say that you love me so that the whole wide world knows that you love me. Halli: Fine I love you. Mary: A lot. Halli: A little. (They laugh. Mary leaves.) Yeah, I love her. (Beat) I grew to love her…and I’ll never stop loving her. Mary: (Just as a voice) Me too. Me too. (Adult Mary hugging Halli. Halli is clearly broken in some way. She needs to read as possibly sick or feeble. They look at each other, Halli disappears.) Mary: (Smiles) I always thought the most important thing I could ever be in the world was a big sister. Not because I was one but because I had one. Her name is Halli and she is one of the most amazing people I have ever known. (Beat) It takes an amount of strength to live the life that she has lived. But I love her, I support her…I mean after all she’s my big sister. Halli: (A voice, child) Mary! Mary Helen Koffer I’m going to kill you! Mary: (A child) What are you yelling about?




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