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The relationship between husband and wife is challenged when someone has a secret that could not only change their love but also their life. As one gains a level of freedom the other finds themselves completely lost. A 'coming out' story that lets us know that there may never be a right time to tell the truth, but the truth must be told.

Duo/Duet- Something In His Eyes

  • Jason: Seven years ago I met the woman of my dreams. She was beautiful and funny and I could feel that she was a good person and would be an amazing mother. So I- Emma: So he came up to me as I was shopping for groceries and he said excuse- Jason: Excuse me but do you know if this can of tuna is …good? Emma: Ummm I guess this can is just as good as any can. Jason: Yeah, but you seem like a smart woman so I just thought I’d ask. Don’t want to buy the wrong can. Emma: (Laughs) How could you buy the wrong can of tuna? (Aside) It was an interesting response that he had; I clearly caught him off guard. Jason: Well if you buy a can…that has an expiration date of… (Idea happens, he sells it) Barbra Walters did an undercover story about poor children in a …poor country that are being thrown into the ocean to recover the best tuna. And I am firm believer in not supporting such industries. Emma: Nicely done. That deserves a reward. Jason: And that was it, the first date. Jason: We were like two teenagers when we first started dating. I mean my friends would tell me that we made them sick. (Playing seriates) Emma: It’s a duck, a big duck…a flying duck? No? Oh God you suck at this. Jason: I do not suck at this. You’re the one that can’t get something as simple as a… Emma: Don’t say it! Jason: Why? If you think it’s a duck CLEARLY I am doing something wrong. Really wrong. Emma: It’s just that when you did that thing with your arms- Jason: What thing with my arms? You’re so good, you do it Mrs. “I’m the best at pantomiming.” Emma: Fine I’ll do it.




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