Asha and Omair are a married couple from India. They have been in the United States for a long time but they will never forget or completely disconnect from their homeland as their families are still there. Asha is a journalist and is always looking for her next story hoping that this one will be the big one. But when she reads a story of the brutal rape and eventual death of a young college student in India she decides that the best story to tell is the one that is the closest to her. She travels with her husband, after some serious discussion, to India to participate in the Nation wide protest. A monumental experience for women to come together and stand up for their right to say, “No.” This is an epidemic in India and at present it is still being fought for. When Asha and Omair get separated in the protest she leaves the country and returns home a different woman. Sometimes we have to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to truly be able to tell the story. The hope is that Asha will find herself again, before she looses Omair, their love and all the things she loves.

Duo/ Duet- Story Of Home

  • Asha: So I was thinking that we could go on a vacation this year. Omair: (Laughs) Oh no, absolutely not. Not in a million years. Not if you paid me to go. Asha: (Laughing) Omair! Why would you say that? Omair: Seriously? Like you’re being serious right now? Asha: Yes, I am. What is wrong with a woman wanting to go on a vacation with her wonderful husband? Just you and me. Omair: And??? Asha: And what? And who? Omair: You and me and… Asha: I have no idea what you mean. Omair: Asha, the last time you suckered me into a “vacation” it was really an investigation for an article you were writing for the newspaper. Don’t get me wrong I love the passion you have for every story you tell but I don’t want to be a part of the research. Asha: I’m a reporter. I report things; that’s what I do. Do you know how difficult it is for an Indian woman to be taken seriously in this business? And I can’t tell the stories that I want to tell, things about us I have to be a great writer telling stories about the life experiences, about other people and it’s hard so yes, I do things to get ahead because I am different and I have to. Omair: I get it and I respect the work you put in, but keep our marriage separate. You let this success thing stress you out so much. Relax. Be the you that I haven’t seen in a long time. Asha: Omair, I’m sorry for that and I’ve said that before but- Omair: But the only time you’ve ever suggested a vacation was for your job, not for us. (Beat) So if you want to go on a vacation for us and only us I am so there. But if this is about another expose or a lead that you think could turn into your big break with the New York Times let me know and I’ll gladly be here when you get back. (Asha takes Omair’s hands and outs them around her waist and kisses him.) Asha: So, I was thinking that we could go on a vacation this year. Just you and I.




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