Terry is a young man with autism. He has found a new home at the local library with his new friend Victoria, the best librarian in the world. Their relationship blossoms like that of big sister and little brother. But when Victoria is assaulted after work one night Terry finds himself being big brother to her hoping that he will be able to make her happy again. He doesn’t know what happened but he picks up on the fact that his friend is sad. The man that assaulted Victoria continues to stalk her at her job to insure she does not go to the police until Victoria decides that she will not live her life like this. When he confronts her as she walks to her car she tells Terry to go ahead of him. The man tells her this is a game that he is playing and Victoria decides she is not playing this game anymore. He pulls a knife and they fight when Victoria is stabbed. Terry didn’t leave that night, he hid and waited for his friend. He holds her until she dies because that’s what a good friend does. At her funeral he reflects on what a great friend he was and how just like his favorite superhero Captain Supertron he was her hero by helping her that night.

Duo/ Duet- The Best Book I Ever Read

  • (Scene opens with Victoria, a librarian arranging books on the shelf. She picks one up, looks at the cover and opens it. She reads a short passage then addresses the audience.) Victoria: Books. I bet a hundred years ago no one would have thought that libraries and librarians would be a dying bread. We don’t need librarians anymore when libraries are going away. Everything is online now. We don’t talk to each other, to many devices and too many distractions. (holds the book) But there is something magical about holding a book in your hand and flipping the pages. (Terry appears, he is different and we can see it. He has a stack of books, puts them down, opens one and is mesmerized.) That’s Terry. I didn’t notice him at first but then I realized that everyday at (Looks at her watch) exactly 4:00pm Terry comes in, grabs a stack of books and sits right there to read them. Terry: (Reading) …and the little boy picks the rock up and is about to walk into the street when…when (with excitement) out of no where comes his hero Capitan Supertron and…(trails off) Victoria: Terry is different; at first he was a little energetic, maybe even annoying- (smiles) Terry: Hey miss, hey miss- Victoria: Yes? Terry: I was looking for a book. Victoria: Yes. Terry: That’s it. I was looking for a book.




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