Joey, a man in his mid twenties holds a perfectly folded American flag as he begins to share with the audience information about his best friend Seth. They grew up together and have known each other all their lives. Joey was with Seth through prom, wedding as a teenager and the birth of his son, but Seth wasn’t there. Right after high school graduation Seth lives out his dream of joining the Army and leaves for training following three tours of duty. Joey is left to look after Seth’s wife and son. Unfortunately, Seth is hit with a bomb in Afghanistan and returns home forever wounded in a way he never thought possible. Blinded by the bomb Seth slips into a depression but before he looses his wife and his son he reaches out to his best friend Joey to help him. Teach him how he can be a father and a husband without his site. Through the performance we see the men as children playing dodgeball, getting ready for prom, and through a war, their love and friendship is clear. Seth will finally get what it is that all Vets deserve, support, love and a chance to move past the darkness of war. 

Duo/ Duet- The Darkness Of War

  • (Joey, a man in his early twenties stands holding something in his hands. He rubs the fabric of what he is holding. Smiles. Looks to the audience.) Joey: The American Flag, it feels so different in your hands when you’re holding it for a purpose. It’s like the first time a father holds his little girl and she is so small she fits right into his hands, looks up at him and smiles for the first time. (Smiles) It does something to you that you never thought possible, just in a smile, or the feel of the fabric in your hands... (He holds the flag tighter to his chest.) This simply folded American Flag does that for me. Reminds me…(He looks up to see Seth, as a child waving at him. He waves back, smiles and in an instant Seth is gone.) That’s how I want to remember him, as two kids playing dodgeball in the front yard. (Seth returns in a dodgeball stance trying not to get hit.) Seth: (Young) Come on Joey. Hit me. Joey: (Still in reflection) Playing dodgeball. Seth: (Young) You scared to hit me? Dodge me! Hit me! Joey: (Laughs) Joey wasn’t afraid of anything. (He exits.) Seth: (Young) You got the ball in your hand, do something with it. Hit me! (Joey returns now as a kid the same age as Seth. He has the ball in his hands. He revs his arm back and lets the ball rig through the air, he misses.) Joey: Take that! Seth: Oh I took it. (Laughs) You missed. Come on Joey Boey I know you can do better than that. I’ll give you one more try then I’m just gonna lay on the ground so that you have a chance at hitting me. (Talking trash) I know I’m just so fast. And poor little Joey Boey can’t keep up with- (Boom! Joey has hit him in the face with the ball. Seth begins crying.) Joey: Oh crap. I’m so sorry Seth. I didn’t mean to hit you in the face. Seth: Owwwwwwww! Joey: I’ve never hit someone in the face. Seth: That hurt. What the hell Joey? (Seth is holding his face in pain. Then he looks up, he’s totally faking.) I can’t see. My eye is bleeding. (Joey tries




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