Chase and Nina have been friends since they were three years old and Chase stole Nina’s bike. They are now adults and living n New York City. On this day Chase is preparing for the biggest interview of his career and like always Nina is patiently waiting for him. She addresses the audience about her life with Chase and their love for each other is clear. It isn’t until they arrive at work at 7 World Trade Center. Chase has his interview and gets the job. As he heads to the donut shop where he is to meet Nina to celebrate as the first plane hits. He frantically calls his best friend who is in the other tower and the clock beings. The clock is counting up as the chances of survival are counting down. Chase watches as the towers fall and Nina is nowhere to be found. At the 9/11 Memorial he gets to see Nina again. She tells him that she is always with him, they laugh, they cry and as Chase makes his way into the Memorial Nina watches him knowing that he will continue to live past loosing her.

Duo/ Duet- The Memory Of Time

  • (Scene opens with Chase running around getting dressed for work he is clearly late. Nina waits for him patiently; this is nothing new for her.) Nina: (To audience) I have a best friend. His name is Chase and he is always- Chase: Where the hell are my socks? Jesus how am I supposed to get ready for work when I can’t even find my socks. (He continues frantic.) Nina: Check your sock drawer. (Laughs) Chase: Thank you smart-ass commentator but that was the first place I looked. I need those socks they match this shirt perfectly. Nina: (Continuing as she has wondered into the room and is going through Chase’s dresser.) This is Chase. One of those guys whose heart is always in the right place but his mind, all over the place. (She finds the socks, smiles) He calls me a smart- ass out of love of course. Chase: (Overhearing.) No, I call you a smart ass because you literally are a smart- ass. Or maybe I should call you a pain in the ass. I honestly think both works. Nina: (Continuing) I’ll tell him shortly that I have his socks, but let’s wait just a little while longer. Chase: (Completely upset) What is happening to me right now? (Aside) If I were cashmere socks from Barney’s where would I be? (He goes back to looking.) Nina: (Continuing) For a while our parents thought we would be the loves of each other’s lives: the best tea parties, the best G.I. Joe warrior, the best shoulder to cry on when men are jerks or women are crazy, the- Chase: (Chase enters, grabs the socks out of her hand.) The best friend ever! (He kisses her on the cheek.) Nina: Yeah, pretty much.




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