Savannah and Jacob have been best friends since fifth grade. The joy that they have for each other is true and shines through every conversation that they share. But when high school graduation comes and goes and they part ways they find themselves for the first time living two different lives that don’t mix with each other. Savannah has gone away to college but realizes the hole that Jacob has fallen into with alcohol and drugs but she doesn’t know why. The scene starts with Savannah speaking at what seems to be Jacob’s funeral. Speaking about their childhood together and the efforts she made to help him get clean we are taken into their past to get to the present. It is revealed that Jacob’s substance abuse started when Savannah was attacked one night and he blames himself for it. When all of the skeletons are reveled we find out that sometimes things are not always as they seem and it is in those times that we need our best friends the most. Clean and sober or drunk and speeding down the highway Jacob and Savannah will have their moment before they say goodbye.

Duo/ Duet- The Moment Before Goodbye

  • (Scene opens with Savannah stepping to the front of a group of people. She looks out to the audience, clears her throat and begins to speak. We are at her best friend Jacob’s funeral. *She can never look into the casket.) Savannah: My first memory of Jacob was in fifth grade I think. He helped me pull the rope in tug-o-war, victory! (Laughs) That started a life long friendship. Years of laughing and crying and now (Beat) I want to look at Jacob right now but I can’t. I don’t want to remember him this way. But I don’t think any of us are ever ready to stand in front of a group of people and speak on why you loved someone you loved. (Beat) The time is never right. The words are never there. But I miss him. (Transition to the tug-o-war, fifth grade field day) Savannah: Stupid Coach Jim is gonna get me beat up if we loose. Jacob: It’s okay you’ll be fine. Savannah: Did you see what happened to Pete when he lost the 50-yard dash and the class lost last year? Jacob: Yeah, kicks to the back of his seat and no dessert all year. Savannah: (Terrified) Why me??!!??!! Jacob: Okay look I’ll help you. Savannah: You will? Jacob: Yeah, that way if we loose the class can be mad at both of us. Savannah: You sure? Jacob: Sure! (They pick up the rope.) PULL! Savannah: Everyone pull!!!! Jacob: Almost there! Savannah: A little more! Jacob We won!!!! Savvy and Jacob!!!!! Savannah: Who? (They both drop the rope and hug, victory dance, high fives, laughs) Savannah: You’re the best friend ever Jacob. (Transition to the funeral) Best friend ever.




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