When sisters to Tameka and Tessa are born the world did not stand on its feet and applaud them. For these girls who were from the moment of conception unwanted their lives became out sticking together and figuring out how to stay alive at the abusive hands of their mother and father. The two decide that, as twins they should have their own language, something that made them different but also a way for them to escape into a world where only the two of them existed and everything was okay. After suffering years of abuse the girls find themselves out on the streets and desperate. The decide that robbing and hustling like their parents did would be the only way but when petty crimes turn into bank heists the girls make the ultimate sacrifice promising that if they get caught they would both stay silent until one of them dies. On this day we watch the reflection as Tameka speaks for the first time after years of incarceration because on this day she finds out that her sister has died in prison. To hear the woman give the accounts of their childhood while loving and supporting her sister every step of the way it shines a light on the human ability to endure pain while also capturing the humanity of our most simplistic emotion, love. The sisters held up their promise to each other and when Tameka finally does speak, everyone will listen. 

Duo/Duet- The Silence Of Sisters

  • (Scene opens with Tameka and Tessa cleaning guns and humming. There is a great joy that is within them as they work together. They laugh and have a focus that is like that of a solider going to war. They both stand side by side pointing their guns into a mirror, still humming though much more sinister. They look dead faced at each other and begin to speak in a language that is unrecognizable to any other ear but their own. They exchange a few words then look back at themselves in the mirror, then laugh as sisters do.) Tessa: You got the plan? Tameka: I hate when you talk to me like I’m stupid, yes I have the plan I was with you when we made the plan and this isn’t the first time that we have done this little sister. Tessa: I may be the little sister but I have always been the smart one. Tameka: Bullshit. Tessa: (Laughs) It’s true. Who got the best grades? Tameka: I never cared. Tessa: Who did all of your homework? Tameka: You knew I’d kick your ass if you didn’t. (They both laugh) Tessa: Who created our special language? Tameka: Both of us- Tessa: I did. Tameka: No way. You said that it would be cool as sisters if we had a language all our own. Tessa: And I said it’d be cool if we could talk to each other in a way that mom and dad couldn’t understand. (Beat, they look at each other, slightly dropping back into the sinister at the mention of their parents.) Tameka: I guess you did. Wish they could see us now. (She points her gun and mocks firing it.) Yeah, I wish they were standing right here. (The women begin to put on masks as they load up their guns to leave.) I wonder what they would say if they could see us now? Tessa: If it was up to me they wouldn’t say shit. (Laughs) Good thing they can’t. (Masks are on, guns are drawn. Tameka puts her hand on the door as if she is prepping to open it.)




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