Hank and Stella have the most amazing love that has lasted sixty- five years. Hank opens the scene remembering all of the things that made him fall in love with Stella: her laugh, smile, dance moves but a big part of it is her singing. Hank feels as if he knows her like he knows himself, so when Hank sees Stella acting differently he knows that something is wrong. And soon after she is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. While he struggles with her imminent death he searches his memories for all of the great times that made their love so unbelievably special, from meeting in math class at the age of fifteen to their first dance on their wedding day, everything a celebration in memories. All of these things leading up to the climax when Stella attacks the stranger in her house as she desperately searches for her parents. Hank talks her down, sings to her, helps her remember who he is, what they had and let her know that she will never be forgotten. It is the kind of love story that everyone hopes to have. 

Duo/ Duet- True Love Story

  • (Scene opens with Hank, an elderly man eighty years old and still full of life is looking through his closet trying to find the perfect suit to wear. He pulls out a few different things, holds them to himself in the mirror. Something catches his eye, it is a record. He picks it up, surveys it and puts it on the turntable. He can’t bring himself to put the needle to the record.) Hank: (To audience) At my age the only thing I have left are my memories, like our first date. Stella: (V.O.) He picked me up on his bike. (Laughs) Called it his “Love Wheels.” Hanks: The first dance at our wedding. (Stella appears in his memory. She is young as he is remembering her.) Stella: See back in the day the first dance was a time to show out. And we got down. (She does a little dance, he sees her in his memory.) Hank: (Smiles) She was a hell of a dancer. (Beat, she is gone) I’m thankful. I used to think that love is the most special gift in life, but it’s the ability to remember it that means the world. (Beat) I gotta pick out something nice to wear. She always used to pick my clothes out for me. I know that sounds crazy, eighty year old man and his wife picks out his clothes for him but that was always something that she liked doing. Stella: (Stella enters she comes out with two different choices of what to wear placing them in front of him in the mirror. Younger now in their twenties, with joy and energy.) Honey if you wear the red one then you can accent it with those brown shoes I got you for Christmas. Hank: Or if I wear the orange shirt I can wear the black snakeskin shoes I bought myself. Stella: The ones that make you slide on the floor better? Hank: Slide on the floor? (Stella backs up and starts to do a two-step. Hank watches for a moment, they both laugh then he joins in they do a pretty impressive two-step. They smile, flirt and laugh, their love is clear. The dance ends and they have a moment.) Oh baby no one moves like you do.




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