Beverly, an African American woman in her mid to late thirties is the pillar of hard work. She is presently working a number of jobs, taking care of her three kids and her sister’s two kids while she is in rehab. This is a story of heart and embraces the importance of loving your family always no matter how difficult things may get those are the people that you hold onto the tightest. She recalls her time as a child, being homeless and the things that her family did to be able to stay together. She points out that through it all being together was the main goal. Until the day comes that they were taken way and put into the foster care system, it is this experience that keeps her working so hard to care for the five children under her care. Living in a housing project in New York the daily struggles are real but she keeps her focus all on the kids and making sure they have what they need, and some of the they want. Working three jobs she does all that she can to keep them in after school activities so that their mind is on the positive and if anyone is going to struggle and stress it is going to be her. It isn’t until a simple request from one of the kids that she must say no to does she realize that she is slowly killing herself to put her family first. It begs the question, what would you do to support your family and keeping them together? Would you go to jail, be homeless, sacrifice all the things that you’ve worked for? For Beverly the answer is simple, yes.

Female- Family First

  • (Beverly, an African American woman in her late thirties, a very clear strong presence, stands before us. She packs her bag for the day, it should look like her ritual, what she does every day without missing a beat. She is focused and should give off a feeling of not taking any shit. Power.)


    (Yelling off)Jasmine, Jada come on you two we have a schedule to keep and I will not be late to work. Aaron grab my phone charger it’s on my nightstand and don’t forget your baseball glove you have practice until six tonight. I’ll be there to watch with the kids. (She pauses waiting for a response, smiles a moment then takes a moment. Aside.)Lord please don’t let me kill of these kids today. (Laughs. Aside.)I know I pray this prayer often…okay a little too often but you know my heart is in the right place Lord. (Smiles. Aside.)Please forgive me for every time I threaten to kill them. It comes from that deep-rooted black momma place of love. (Laughing as she looks at her watch, now yelling.)Ya’ll have ten seconds to get out them rooms, it will not be pretty if I have to come in there and get ya’ll. I have not killed a kid in a long time. (Smiles but sounds stern)Lord, you know they are working on my last nerve…7- 6- 5- 4- (She sees the children scrambling to get out of their rooms, she laughs, trying to hide it but can’t help but to laugh loud and long. Her joy, her love for these kids is so clear. She begins to count heads.)Aaron let me see that glove (he does)check. Jasmine you are going to study hall after school until that math grade comes up, let me see the book. (She does)Check. Jada, little Miss Jada, if you don’t work on your flute at home you’re not going to get any better. We worked really hard to get it, so we’re definitely going to use it. Let me see it. (She does)Check. And my twin nephews Keith and Kevin you have flag football after school where are your shoes? (She sees them.)Okay everybody grab lunches and I’ll meet you at the bus stop. Don’t talk to nobody on your way there. (Beat)Another day begins Lord, haven’t killed one of them yet. (Smiles and exits)Love them damn kids.




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