In a time when school shootings have become an unfortunate way of life a teenage Rachel Woodard is living in her own private hell. The challenges of being a teenager, not being understood by her peers, not feeling loved at home and no one to talk to when the worst day of her life happens, she shifts, breaks and does the unthinkable. Often after these shootings in the midst of mourning those who lost their lives, the world wonders, “why?” More often than not this question is never answered. For Rachel, who finds herself a viral sensation when her classmates bully her, take unspeakable pictures of her and post them online ruining the little piece of self-worth she has left, she reaches out to everyone for assistance. No help from her schools’ administration, no help from her peers but the most disappointing moment is the realization that her mom/dad doesn’t care to support or help her. Sometimes the answers are right in front of us, but we don’t want to see them, we don’t want to take responsibility for being the person or group of people that could have made a difference in this young person’s life and didn’t. Her mom/ dad always wanted Rachel to be a “star.” Sadly, when Rachel is waiting for her execution for the shooting that she orchestrated that day her mom/dad comes to visit, and a lot of these questions are addressed. In her final moment all Rachel wants it to be told by her mom/ dad that they love her. Instead their focus is on the crowd of reporters outside and how they can make this her shining moment as the first female school shooter. Hence, making her a “star.”

*This piece specifies that Rachel’s mom or dad can be either or for the purpose of the script.


  • Note to actors and director the character of Rachel MUST be played by a female actress. With the writers’ permission the sex of all of the other characters may be changedto fit your cast.


    (Rachel, a woman in her early twenties is led into the room in hand cuffs. She is a pleasant looking girl, it makes one wonder why she is in handcuffs.)

    Rachel: (To officer)Hey can you take these off? (Looks around smiles)I mean where am I going to go? I been here for seven years, three appeals and never a problem out of me. Please. (Beat.She turns and the handcuffs are removed.) Thanks. She here yet? (Beat)Okay, I’ll wait. (She surveys the room then speaks to the audience.) I’ve never been much on anniversaries (Looks to see if anyone is behind her)but this one is special. (She smiles and almost dances with joy.)Today I have a visitor coming. I honestly don’t get many visitors in here. (In the background we see another person being checked by the security: scanned, all jewelry off, cell phone turned in, this person can be male OR female as they will represent Rachel’s mother OR father.)You find out real quick who your family is, who your friends are, (Laughs)hell I’ve gotten more attention and love from total strangers than I did from any one of them. I get fan mail. (The person is standing behind Rachel but she doesn’t see them as she continues to speak.) Crazy stuff like, “Rachel when you get out will you marry me? Rachel can you get transferred to a prison by me so I can spoil you? Rachel can you speak via webcam to my women’s empowerment group? (Beat)Women’s empowerment! (Laughs again)

    Parent: That is funny Rach. (Rachel freezes mid laugh, her whole presence has changed.)

    Rachel: I…they said I had a visitor, never thought…

    Parent: That I’d come see you?

    Rachel: It’s been seven years.

    Parent: No time like the present.

    Rachel: I die today.

    Parent: I know.

    Rachel: (Painful smile)Thought you would ruin another one of my best days?

    Parent: Ruin?

    Rachel: (Turning to them for the first time)Today is about me. It’s about what I did and all the time and the kids and the guns and social and societal change and the people that have written about me, reported about me, today is MY time. (Beat)The cameras are all on me and you can’t take that away.

    Parent: (Laughs)Of course I can.




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