The joy of a life long friendship is the ability to look back over the years and see all of the ups and downs that came with being friends for so long. When an elderly Rose must say goodbye to her best friend Joyce she finds herself going back to the beginning of their friendship. A couple of young girls that had the dream of being a dynamic duo as performers. The only promise that they made to each other was that through all of the success that they may or may not have they would never lose sight of their friendship. But as the tales go they find themselves very successful and being pulled in different directions which also pulled them apart. Finally Joyce decides that she needs to move on to the next step in her life, a husband and kids and as she leaves to pursue her new dream Rose continues to shine. The two drift apart for many years until Joyce works to find Rose in a nursing home, still a star, still her “Rosie.” The two women are reunited, perform one last time, and spend their last days together as they had spent so many years before.  An emotional friendship piece that makes us realize how friends turn into family and no amount of time apart can kill such a bond. (*These two performers will sing within the piece.)

Full Life Cycle

  • (Rose, an elderly woman enters a room she is familiar with. She looks around the room for a second as if there is something she needs to do but doesn’t want to do. She finally takes a deep breath and turns to leave but sees something out of the corner of her eye. She goes to a shelf, moves something out of the way and picks up a picture hiding in the back. She dusts if off, smiles.)


    Joyce: (VO, a younger voice) Jesus Rose! I give you one solo and you think you’re Aretha Franklin. (Rose laughs almost in tears.)

    Rose: (Aside, laughing) “R-E-S-P-E-C-T!” (Laughs) No, you think I’m Aretha Franklin, thank you for that. (Laughs) I told you not to give me the limelight. I didn’t know what to do with it…so I ran with it. (Beat) I’m sorry I ran without you Joy.

    Joyce: (VO, still younger) Hey Rose! Rose. (She enters. Rose is still older.) Hey Rose-

    Rose: Joy…is that you?

    Joyce: (Laughing) Of course it’s me: beautiful, energetic and fabulous. Who else fits that description? Are you okay? (Rose takes a few deep breaths, still holding the picture that Joyce takes from her.) Wow! I haven’t seen this picture in forever-

    Rose: (Aside) – no kidding.

    Joyce: Look at the two of us. Oh man we were both such a mess back then. Look at your hair.

    Rose: Mine? What about that outfit you called fashion. (They laugh.)

    Joyce: We thought we were going to change the face of music. Remember?

    (Rose is still staring at her trying to figure out if this is real or if she’s hallucinating. She reaches out to touch Joyce. They connect. Rose hugs her as if it is the last time she will ever, which it could be.)

    Rose: This is real. You are really here? (Joyce holds her for a minute then in an instant they separate. They do a little spin Rose not realizing she is being transformed into a younger her. They laugh then look at themselves in the mirror. Rose is shocked.)

    Joyce: Now that is the Rosie that I wanted to see. Rosie, you okay?

    Rose: Is this really happening?

    Joyce: I’ve heard it’s even better the second time around. (She offers her hand to Rose.)

    Rose: (Beat) I can’t do it again.

    Joyce: Don’t think about the end…the beginning was amazing. The middle was a bit of a pain.

    Rose: I was a bit of a pain.

    Joyce: A bit? That’s putting it lightly. (They share a smile. She takes her hand and they are off into their adventure.)




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