When you have never been addicted it is difficult to understand how an addict can do what they do, hurt the people they hurt, dig themselves in holes and jump in and bury themselves. In Chasing we are in a hidden room as an addict goes through. The levels of darkness that they fall into and what they are looking for. Constantly chasing that high that they got the first time. In Sold a gambling addict share with us the things that they have been willing to sell in order to keep betting, keep living the dream that has turned into a nightmare that they can’t wake up from. Finally, in Meetings we see the addict, full circle, taking that first step towards getting their life back. Will they make it through, or will they wake away from the meeting and tell themselves that they will be back? Do they ever make it back? Is any addict every really clean? *Performer may be of any gender and adjustments to text may be made to reflect this.

Gambling Addiction: Chasing, Sold, Meetings

  • Some people spend their lives

    Every waking moment

    Head in the white puffy clouds

    Forever soft- as if cotton candy were

    Really cotton and had slipped out of the

    Hand of the cutest kid

    Little girl with pig tails

    Little boy with suspenders

    Heads floating in the clouds

    Dreams bouncing up and down

    And up and down until finally…


    They sky opens and they fall to the ground

    Hard and fast.


    You know people who think they can fly aren’t crazy

    They’re just dreaming- head in the clouds.

    Chasing the clouds

    Living in the clouds.

    Until the storm comes.


    The storm always comes.

    Cash in hand

    Head full of joy because it’s so breathtaking

    Can you see it?