Karen is the twenty- seven years old sister of Max who is twenty- nine. Though Max is the big brother technically, Karen has always been the big sister. Shortly after Max was born, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He now lives his life in a wheelchair but for Karen he’s just her brother. She wants all the best things for her brother like any sibling would but after his diagnoses their parents needed help and the found it in posting things online looking for assistance from people who are living with what they are living with. This is when they found out that people can be cruel no matter the situation. But as a family they came together to make sure that anything that Max was capable of doing he was able to do. At age twenty-nine Max went for a job interview at the theatre and got it. Ripping tickets allowed him to be social and work which is what he had always wanted. But it is at this job that he experienced being surrounded by people, most nice and supportive but some rude and discriminatory towards him. It was a difficult thing for Karen to see, people treating her brother this way. She confronts them about their behavior, but Max tells her that it’s okay. People are going to be who they are, and that isn’t always going to be what we want them to be. A story of sibling love and also an ode of support to all people with disabilities who have been treated wrongly because of reasons out of their control. There are people out there that realize that we are all just, people.

Just Like Everyone Else

  • My name is Karen and this picture that I’m holding in my hand is my little brother Max. I am 27 years old and even though it may not look like it Max is my older brother. I called him a little brother because he’s been in a wheelchair most of his life, he hates that, but it’s turned into a joke between the two of us, so technically he is my big brother. He has always wanted to be my big brother, doing all the things that big brothers do like making sure that I am taken care of and that no boy ever kisses me when I don’t want them to. He makes me laugh in that way, because he has always wanted to take care of me. It’s difficult sometimes living in a reality where so many of the things you want to do are things that you physically just can’t do. He can’t be a big brother, not the way he wants to. He can’t take care of his little sister. And more than anything else he can’t be what we have decided is normal. But to me, he’s as normal as any other little big brother could be. He drives me crazy and he loves me all at the same time, isn’t that what siblings are supposed to do?




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