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Mason is like any other high school boy. He has his group of friends, his school work and his first love. Unfortunately for Mason he listens to his best friend who tells him that the way to get the girl of his dreams is by showing her how much he loves her. After a series of random acts Mason finds himself standing on the edge of their high school waiting for her to come out so he can jump from the roof and float into her situation. Does Mason get the girl? Or do all of his efforts fall on deaf ears? We shall see when he makes his final leap of faith.

Love, I Hate You

  • Jake: (Looking up) Jump now Mason! She’s coming. If you don’t jump she’ll never know how much you love her. Jump! Jump! JUMP!!!!! Mason: (Looking over the ledge of a very tall building, he shakes his head “yes”) Here I coooooooommmmmmme!!!!!!!! Sarah: (Shaking Mason) Mason. Mason, are you okay? Mason: (Waking up, looks at her in a daze) You’re here. How did you get to Heaven before me? Sarah: Heaven? You’re not in Heaven, you’re in Mr. Hughes Pre-cal class and he’s pissed. Mr. Hughes: Mr. Mason Brenner, is my class not interesting enough for you? Mason: No, I- I mean – yes, this is the most interesting class I have. Mr. Hughes: Mr. Mason Brenner- Mason: You can just call me Mason. Mr. Hughes. Mr. Hughes: Mr. Mason Brenner- Mason: Okay, scratch that last comment. Sarah: It’s okay Mr. Hughes, he was dreaming about Heaven. Isn’t that great? Jake: Yeah, I think it’s amazing a man of conviction at such a young age. Mason: (Looking around) I love pre-cal. Mr Hughes: OUT! Sarah: Bye Mason. Jake: See ya. Mr. Hughes: All of you, OUT! Jake: What the hell dude. My mom is going to kill me for getting kicked out of pre-cal. Mason: Shut up James you know your mom doesn’t care she can’t even spell pre-cal. Jake: It has like six letters dude she could totally spell it. Mason: She couldn’t spell gym. Jake: I’m sure people mix up the “y” for an “i” all the time. Mason: No, they don’t. (Beat) But that’s not what makes today so awesome. I figured out how to ask Sarah out. Jake: How, by getting her kicked out of pre-cal. Mason: NO! Shut up about Mr. Hughes stupid class. Jake: Okay then what? Mason: It’s like all the 80’s movies I’ve seen. Jake: (Laughs) You are desperate if you’re going back thirty plus years for dating inspiration. Mason: It came to me in a dream…
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