Billy is a man in his mid-twenties that suffers from a rare disease called Cherubism. Its main affects are that it creates a “moon” shape in the face. Some call it “Buzz Lightyear Disease. Billy was born normal but as he grew his face began to stretch and his eyes bulged which took his parents to the doctor to get the diagnoses. He stands before the audience today as he introduces himself to his classroom of students. He addresses the elephant in the room, his face. He shares the story of his father leaving, his mother becoming his world while always telling him the truth and making sure that she created a safe haven for him because she knew people were going to be cruel to him. It was his senior year in high school that altered his universe. The day of the senior prom he looked great, sat alone and enjoyed his snacks and punch. Then his life changed when in the last five minutes of prom he had his first dance with a girl- just one dance, and in that five minutes his life was changed forever. When a group of boys assault him he gives up for a moment, thinking that maybe if they beat him enough the doctors will be forced to fix the face that he has been cursed with. After spending months in the hospital, he wakes up to a new life, the one that he didn’t know he would ever be able to live. This is a story of looking in the mirror and being honest about what is seen in the reflection, taking that reality and making it work for you. It is also a story for all ages in being able to find your joy in all of life’s’ situations. Billy has a beautiful story, soul and to see inside of it if only for a minute is a gift to your life.

Male- Adventures of Moon Boy

  • (Billy, a seven-year-old child enters. He takes a few steps towards the audience looks the audience over and then he waves. His smile is contagious. He then goes back grabs a piece of chalk and begins to write on a chalkboard. After he finishes writing on the chalkboard he turns and addresses the audience.)

    Hello, my name is Billy. My full name is Billy Jacob Tanner, but my mother tells me that I should never tell strangers my full name. But since she’s not here and you guys look like a trustworthy group I told you my full name, just don’t tell my mom. She also tells me that I should treat others how I want to be treated, which in my case says a lot about how I treat people, but I also feel like it says a lot about how people treat me. Or maybe it says a lot about me not understanding why people treat me the way that they do. (Beat)But look at you guys, no pointing no whispering, no laughing, see I knew you guys were a good group. (Smiles)Because (Putting it all together)if you want people to treat you nice then you are nice to them in return, right? Sometimes, I guess people want to be treated badly. That’s the only thing that makes sense for me. (Beat)Oh well, I am here today to teach you about my little issue. (He points at his face, turns to the side and continues to point.)I am the elephant in the room! Sometimes I make jokes about the way that I look and my mom tells me that I shouldn’t, she says that the moment I start to laugh at myself is the moment I give other people permission to laugh at me. (Quick)So don’t laugh at me…please, not today don’t laugh at me. Just be nice like you’ve been and I’ll be nice to you. I am going to teach you today. (He turns and looks at the chalkboard and begins to point as he repeats the letters.) C-H-E-R-U-B-I-S-M. Does anyone know what it means? I didn’t think so, but if it helps to give the vision a nickname, it has been nicknamed the Buzz Lightyear Disease. That’s the reason that my chin is twice the size as the rest of my face. But I don’t let it get me down. I mean how many kids can say that they have a disease named after someone famous? (Laughs)And everybody knows Buzz Lightyear, he’s a hero. I think it may have even helped me survive.




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