An older African American man Clifford recounts the joys of his life. He begins with his wonderful music career as a singer, writer and guitar player until one night in the midst of a performance his eyes meet her eyes and everything changes. He meets Beatrice, the woman that would become his wife and the biggest blessing in his life. From their union they have a son Sheldon. But things begin to go wrong in his head with the voices begin to talk to him. He talks about his wife and son as if they are still alive; when in actuality they are only alive in his mine. Not taking his medication keeps a lot of voices in his head but two of those voices are that of his wife and son. When the voices overcome him with the reality of their death he must fight to maintain his sanity. Sadly, in the end he is back where he started. And while he is happy living in an incorrect reality, the sadness comes when we realize that the voices will always take the people that he loved the most away, and the cycle continues.

Male- An Unusual Melody





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