Fredrick is a dog. At least in his mind he is a dog. He has a master that he is faithful too that feeds him and gives him a cage to sleep in in the barn that is safe and comfortable. Fredrick has been with the family for years and as we watches and talks about all of the other dogs that have come through over the years he reminds us that he is the smartest and strongest dog in the barn. It is not until Fredrick meets a sweet beautiful cat named Evelyn that he starts to see the world differently. When master catches Evelyn in the barn with Fredrick he takes her out of the barn and beats her. It is what Evelyn says to Fredrick that forces him to listen and reflect on what is actually real. She yells at him that he is not a dog he is a man. It takes everything in her to make him see that this fact is true. Fredrick watches her die with him being the last thing that he sees. Fredrick finally begins to remember who he is. With the affects of slavery and years of abuse coming back into his memory he decides that he must stand up for once in his life to his oppressors. If only Evelyn had lived to see this dog, once again stand as a man. (*Actor must be African American)

Male- Animal

  • (Scene opens with Fredrick humming a negro spiritual that turns into him singing it. There is something peculiar about his presence. He doesn't move like a man. He has dog like qualities about him. Singing.) “The water is moving waiting on me. The shadows are moving to set me free. The white man is hiding but the slave shall be free.” (Speaking to audience) My master is one of the most difficult masters in the south. Some called him "Mr. Hell of the plantation." It was always interesting to me to watch him interact with the dogs on the yard and to watch him interact with his wife and his children. The children had no clue who he really was, that he beat his animals, beat me all the time. He said that he has to break down the livestock to make us act right. (Beat) I respected his abilities as a businessman, he understood staying on the top of his business. He feeds me, gives me a place to lay my head, and he taught me how to be a good loyal dog. (He licks himself and let's out a quiet bark.) I’ve been faithful to him and his wife and his children. Every once in a while if I'm good the children will play with me. They throw apples at my head. I think they think were playing catch. Sometimes they let me sleep on the porch, stretch my legs out. Most days I wake up in the cage. I lay my head down in the cage and I live the life of the wild animal that I am.




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