Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD is a sickness that literally takes away someone’s ability to live their life as they see fit. For Kevin a series of unexpected realities stole his life before his mind took over and finished the job. As a child he has two loving and wonderful parents that support each other and him in everyway. But as life happens everything that he knew to be true and good slowly falls apart. His mother gets cancer that begins to spread and as his father tries to do everything, Kevin slowly gets lost in translation. Kevin’s father soon slips into a depression that he never comes out of and hating Kevin is a part of his psychosis. Kevin starts to fend for himself but when his mother dies and his father dies shortly after Kevin is thrust into foster care. The only thing that makes sense for him, the only thing he can hold onto is his perfection, his parents, both of them, TWO. As Kevin obsesses over the number two, it overtakes his life. He must do everything two times. Combing his hair, washing hands, locking and unlocking the door, the time he can leave the house. It takes him to another place. Eventually Kevin is not in control of his actions anymore. Two slices of bread turns into two pain pills and other drugs taken in twos. But it only takes one bullet in one gun to end Kevin’s pain and lift him to freedom.

Male- By The Numbers

  • (The scene opens with Kevin Jacob Simmons. He is a young looking man in his early twenties. We watch as he does his morning ritual. His ritual must be done in a series of two. He brushes his teeth twice, combs his hair twice, washes his hands twice etc.) My favorite number is two. It is beautiful and it makes life so much easier. Two parents, a perfect couple is two, two perfect seats at the football game, two children a boy ad a girl (His presence changes) I must eat two slices of bread, two pieces of bacon and two eggs for breakfast every morning, two slices of bread, two different kinds of meat and two slices each with 44 chips. Forty- four because that is two times twenty-two. It is about how you get there sometimes. You can’t imagine how time consuming my issues are. I get up at 6:48am because they are all numbers divisible by two. I stopped driving because gas is up to three dollars and I couldn’t make it work. This started when I was eight, I am twenty right now and I am not sure I will live much longer. I lock doors twice, wash my hands twice, my closet is full of two of everything, I have to buy two items that are identical in everyway or they don’t look right, they don’t fit right and they don’t work for my mind. My mind tells me “Kevin it has to be a two or it’s wrong, life is wrong. It has to be a two or you will die.” (Beat) Things in life fall apart. That’s what no one will tell you. That shit doesn’t just hit the fan, it hits the fan, spins then it and shoots back on your nice clothes. (Laughs) Mom got worse and this sickness took over my life. A “sickness” that’s what my dad would call it. When my parents got divorced they ruined the perfect number. I begged them to stay together or to marry other people as soon as possible but they did not listen to me they didn’t understand why it had to be two and it had to be two all the time.