In Dancing Without Words we see a young man who loves to dance. But we soon find out that his dancing is the best way for him to communicate. As he struggles to find the words he will have to soon face the reality that some things are better left unsaid. Through it all we find out that sometimes speaking isn't the best form of telling a beautiful story.

Male- Dancing Without Words

  • (A boy enters, he dances beautifully, ends his routine, bows and addresses the audience. He speaks with a strong at times stutter.) Thank you. Thank you. Ever since I was five years old, that’s really when I learned to walk and run, I know I was somewhat of a late bloomer, my parents put me in… you guessed it dance. I didn’t know why at first but when I got older I knew. Watch this (He dances a short combination) see…when I dance, you can’t hear me. And my mom and dad they knew that I would need that. That one thing that I’m good at that’s mine to take people’s mind off the fact that I can’t speak nearly as well as I dance. So thanks mom and dad, you definitely did that right. So let’s address the elephant in the room, am I gay? Oh come on that’s what you wanted to know right? I remember when I walked into my first dance class I couldn’t speak very well for my age of for me but I knew it was strange that I was the only little boy in my class. And the older I got I found myself constantly asking that question to myself. I never asked my parents I was just glad that I had this outlet. This chance to do something that allowed my body to speak for me and I never had to use my own words. I would just turn the music on and so what the rhythm told me to do. So I’m a nineteen year old dancer, I’m a guy, I wear tights and dance belts which are much more comfortable than they seem (Laughs), ballet shoes and I can proudly get dressed in a room full of girls and focus on me. So about that elephant I can proudly say that I am- NOT gay. So changing in the room with the girls was a plus to my m-m-m-masculinity. (Laughs, beat)