Alexander is a man with a difficult past. He reveals that he is homeless after he talks about the zombies that he sees all around him. The people that come and go on their daily business not seeing what they are missing that is right in front of them. This idea is explored when he talks about his relationship with his father, a military man who he never felt loved him. His father blamed him for the death of his wife who did not make it out of childbirth, which he never let Alexander forget. Through the telling of the story we learn that Alexander joins the military in hopes that he can replicate his father’s success and gain his respect. But no matter what he does, his father makes it clear that it will never been enough. His efforts to gain this relationship with his father drives him to dark places he never thought he would get to and can not come back from. After serving in the military and never getting any love from his father his life became too much for him to handle and he was diagnosed with PTSD and honorably discharged from the military. Upon his return he tries to connect with his father who continues to attack him on his present situation telling him a real man would be able to balance his life. Alexander then takes to the streets as he sees it as a better way to live than with his father and the constant hatred he would get from him. It is after he is beaten by a group of teens who try to take the one connection that he has with his father; his military jacket that gives him clarity. He realizes that what he needs to do is move on. Hopefully he’ll be able to move forward, but it’s a hard life he lives, however he will not be a zombie. He will live and he will keep pushing on.

Male- Defender of Men

  • (Alexander is disconnected from the world, humming to himself as he stands watching people as they walk by. He smiles at some, laughs and points at others. He grabs his jacket, dusts it off a bit before he slides it on like the most perfect glove. To audience.) You see all these zombies? (He walks behind someone like a zombie, they turn and see him, he pretends he wasn’t following them, then laughs at the situation.) Bunch-a damn zombies just walking from point A to point B not even realizing what’s around them, in front of them or what they are leaving behind. Not even seeing the big picture of this life that is passing them by. They don’t see each other they sure as hell don’t see me. (Sees someone) Look at that guy over there, the one in the three-piece suit, briefcase, reading the Times. He don’t even see the little boy walking next to him holding up his little solider man up like he wants him to play with it. (He smiles) Kid gets completely ignored, he reads his paper and the kid lowers his head like he’s nothing, cuz that’s what that jerk guy just told him, without even saying a word. (Beat) He did that to him. (He grabs his cup off the ground) Sometimes it’s something as little as the recognition of… life. Just a guy taking a moment to look up from his newspaper to see that you’re standing there. I was that kid. (Beat) The man in the suit, yeah, that was my dad. Maybe if he had looked up from his paper I wouldn’t be out here, watching the zombies walk by praying I don’t become one of them still realizing that I need them to survive. (He holds out his cup and starts to shake it at the passing people.) Spare some change for a war Vet. (Someone else passes him by.) Spare a little change. (Someone throws a bag in the trash, he digs through the trash, opens the bag.) Half eaten bagel (Smiles) still a little warm. (He takes a bite and his reality saddens him. Another person passes by him.) Spare…something.




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