Jullian is not the typical teenager. He is a straight A student, a part of as many activities as he possibly can be, he is a leader within his school and he has a positive future ahead of him. Like all teenagers he also has his challenges, secrets, and things that he hides from his friends but especially from his family everyday. The older he gets the more he begins to accept who he is as a person and in the midst of all of the things that make him look “great on paper” as his father tells him, the one thing about him that’s not there is that he is gay. In his mind its part of him, something else that makes him stand out but he has not been able to express this in his life. The time comes that he decides to come out to his parents and his life immediately changes. His parents make a public spectacle of his situation telling anyone one who will listen of this tragedy that they are experiencing. Unfortunately small town USA is not forgiving, accepting, tolerant, or open-minded to people who aren’t like them. Within a year Jullian went from “perfect” to standing on the edge of life and death. He is bullied at school, beaten severely and with no support from his parents he has no one. After he is released from the hospital he comes home to find his parents having movie night as if nothing has happened. His mind breaks and he does the only thing his mind will allow him to do, take a knife and kill them. In the end he sits, with his parents, eating popcorn and finally feeling alive again. Resting the remainder of his life in a nice room with four white walls, again perfect and finally free.

Male- Eye Of Perfection





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