Chandler is a man in distress. He is in the hospital room of his wife who is presently in a coma; she is also pregnant with their first child. He recalls a time when he and his wife Beth met at an improve comedy club meeting in high school. She was the leader and he was passing by the room to go to a detention but he saw her and he had to stop. He joined the team they fell in love and to change the road he was headed down he joined the military and committed his life to her. His life forever changed the day he found out that his pregnant wife had been struck by a drunk driver and was fighting for her life. Chandler holds in his hands the paperwork that he has to sign allowing the hospital to keep Beth alive until the baby is born and then they will let her die. The most difficult day in a man’s life as he says hello to his daughter Grace and goodbye to the love of his life.

Male- Holding Onto Grace

  • (Chandler is looking over what seems to be an endless stack of paperwork. He is clearly overwhelmed with this task.) The way that they write this stuff is just pure bullshit I mean it's almost like they don't want anyone but them to be able to decipher what the hell they're saying. "Does the legal guardian of the patient have power of attorney for Beth Diane Shemwell as well as medical power?" What the hell does that mean? I feel like the doctor came in and gave me all of this paperwork hoping that maybe just maybe I wouldn't take the time to read through every single page and make sure that everything is just right. Not for me but for her for both of them. Just isn't right. We shouldn't be here and I shouldn't have to make this decision. Beth and I were always joking. I mean that's how we met in high school in the improv comedy club. Actually I was walking past the club meeting and I saw her standing on stage playing some silent physical game and she was absolutely adorable. So I walked in in Lou of going to my afterschool detention and I sat in the back row. Beth asked me if I wanted to join the improv club? In my mind I was thinking anything that gets me closer to her I'm in. That was how we met. I learn the rules and jumped up on stage as quickly as I could just play a game with her. It was almost some weird like twister improv something that had us both rolling around on the ground and laughing harder than I've ever laughed in any of my years of being in school. So I guess it was pretty therapeutic for me. She was good for me, she changed me. I was always a strong independent guy and I never in a million years thought that was I was on my way to detention for skipping class I would see the most amazing woman of my life playing in an improv game. It's funny how that happens.