Javier is an El Salvadorian man who is in the midst of the most memorable day of his life. He is making signs that he is very proud of, signs for a protest for gay rights. He shares with us his life of being exiled by his family for being a gay man and going against his religion to do so. His father and brothers no longer speak to him but his mother sends him pictures of the family to keep him as much of a part of the family as possible but he is no longer welcome in their home. Since he moved away he has begun to work on the campaign for Harvey Milk. As he speaks of the reasons and things that make this the fight for him we see the love and appreciation that he has for Harvey, not only for standing up but also for speaking out. Harvey believed in supporting the people that he represented, not just gay people and that is what made him such an important politician. On the wake of his win Javier is assisting him in his office in City Hall when he hears bullets ring out and Harvey is hit. As he dies as Javier’s feet he must find his purpose in life. He is suddenly faced with the reality that he was following a great man for a great cause, but in the loss of that man he must now find himself in the midst of this tragedy. The scene ends with him reading his signs as he begins to wash the blood from the day out of his clothing. He will never forget this day. (Fiction)

Male- Most Memorable Day

  • (Scene opens with Javier, he is a young El Salvadorian man. He is painting something. He is very focused on his work, his goal is perfection. He turns the poster to the audience and shows us his work.) Not bad right? I mean it could have been a little cleaner but for the most part I think it gets the message across. (He puts the poster away, begins to clean his hands and returns to the audience.) It's hard work you know. A lot of people ask me what I do for a living and I tell them I'm an activist. So what am I fighting for? (Beat) What am I fighting for? In order to be a true crusader your cause has to be one that has the ability to change lives, my cause monumental. I work with someone who is going to change history. So people say that and it's just a hope or a prayer but sometimes you become a part of something that starts off as a group of friends singing bad Elton John at a bar to meaningful meetings about what could be. (Beat) Dreams. That's how it all started, a little "Candle in the Wind" and beer and it ended with change. Change. This is going to be in the books. The goal was simple to support the one person that supports me, to get him elected to office. To stand with someone like me, a gay man. Harvey Milk, you ever heard of him?