desperately to save his mind from the hold that this man’s historical events had on him. After a fight with depression he busts out the window in his room and tries to jump. Luckily his parents are able to save him, but he just wanted to bleed for Charlie. Maybe the blood would make him worthy of being in the family. He is older now, recovered and has his mind back but he will never forget those eight months that he gave his mind to Helter- skelter.

Male- My Best Friend Charlie

  • I have always been a man who loved music any kind of music. I can listen to rock 'n roll or dance myself to sleep with the slowest most amazing jazz ballots ever. There isn’t too much in the music world that I won’t to listen. All music has a different kind of rhythm to it, a beat, that thing that we connect to. (He begins to beat on his chest and snap his fingers to his own beat.) It's what makes us purchase an eight track for my oldies but goodies, perfectly place that needle on the vinyl record, push in a tape if you were born in the 80s, or buy a CD for the children in the 90s or download music for the techies now. This something that moves us, something that makes us close our eyes and memorize the lyrics and listen to the same song over and over again because it changes us, it affects our lives. (Beat) I remember when I was young my mother would never let me listen to this particular song by the Beatles. It never quite made sense to me because the Beatles where everybody's favorite band. I would've thought that she would be excited that her teenage son wants nothing more than to listen to the Beatles. It was 1986 when I finally was able to sneak my mothers Beatles tape into my room and I put on my headphones and I listen to the song. I still didn't understand. What was the big deal? Everyone is singing the music is playing the lyrics are great. Such a simple song. What's the big deal it's just music? They're just lyrics in the song. It's not like there anything more. Helter Skelter.