There are some life choices that we all wish we could change. For this man he wishes that he could change the day he decided to take his first drink. Starting in college with a few beers and evolving to whiskey in the real world he knows that he has a problem but doesn't know how bad it truly is. After so many years of drinking he gets the diagnoses that his liver is failing and he needs to stop drinking, nothing changes. His wife Miranda finally tells him that she is leaving with their son Jake. It is on this day that he makes the choice that will forever be imprinted in his mind. After he takes Jake on a drunken car ride, he crashes into a wall and Jake doesn’t make it. Now in prison an sober be will never forget his son’s face, he laugh or any of the things that he did while he was drunk, including kill him. The one thing that he clings to is his sobriety pen. It is his friend and family. It is the one thing that he knows will always remind him that he can choose to be better than the man he use to be. He can win, he can be sober.

Male- Sober Too Late

  • (Talking to his son) Who’s the smartest boy in the class? Who's the best boy in the class? Who’s the tallest, strongest, cutest boy in the whole wide world? And who is my favorite boy? (He laughs) That's right Jake! (Beat) That's my son Jake; he’s what you would call a miracle baby. When my wife Miranda told me that she was pregnant both of us sat on the couch and we held each other and we cried because she had been told she would never have children. He was a miracle. He was my boy. I love Jake. And I love Miranda. And they are the two most important people in my life. And my goal as a father is to always look over them and always make sure they are safe. I made it a point when Miranda and I got married to make sure that I told her father what a wonderful man I was going to be. Taking care of my wife is priority number one. But I told him all the right things and he knew that I meant every word, so he said yes. Sure, looking back on it he probably regrets that now but you can't go back. If there's one thing that I have learned in the midst of all of this is that you can't go back. And sometimes, you’re scared as hell to look forward. (Takes out a coin) This is my five-year clean and sober coin. I keep in my pocket everywhere I go. It is, in essence, the most important thing that I own; it took a long time to get where I was…and where I am.




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