The story of a high functioning autistic teenage boy. Math is his specialty; he can solve any math problem thrown his way. As much as he is autistic, he loves math and has the ability to communicate with people. He attends school where some students bully him including his brother. When he is beat up at school because he wouldn't do someone’s homework his brother Sonny stands by and allows it to happen. He breaks away and wonders home bloody and makes a life altering decision. He doesn't have the capacity to make this make sense. He decides the only way that he can be safe is to kill himself. He writes his suicide note is simple. But the choice in endings is up to the actor, does he kill himself or does he reread the note and decide that he is worth more?

Male- Special Kind Of Special

  • (Opening we see a boy standing in front of a board. He writes an equation and solves it within seconds. He is proud of himself; looks at his work then addressed the audience.) I can solve most mathematical equations within a matter of seconds. The numbers just make sense to me. (Beat) Not many things in my head make sense. I have lived my life knowing that something was wrong with me. I've also lived my life listening to people talk about me behind my back like I'm deaf. I never wanted to believe my big brother when he called me a retard. I didn't really know what a retard was but I knew that because he was saying it, it was something bad. My parents always loved me and they always treated me like I was different. And not different in a bad way they just gave me a little bit more attention, held my hand a little bit tighter when we crossing the street and make sure that they try their best to keep me safe. They were worried about sending me to a public school they thought for sure that I would get picked on. I asked my mom, "Picked on because I'm a retard?" She asked me where I heard that word from and I lied. I told her that I heard it on television and the person that they were talking about was a lot like me. He was special and he was different and he blinked a lot like I do and he holds his hands in different ways like I do and he's really good at math like I am and on the TV they said that he was autistic. I'm autistic.




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