There is nothing more important in life than the relationship between mother to child. For this person we see them reflect on the life that they lived that got them on the streets and in The Cold.

Male- The Cold

  • (Rubbing hands together as if outside in the cold) It’s cold…damn cold…my mom would kill me if she heard me say that…damn. She was one of those holier than though women in the house and outside and everyone believed her. The stupidity of people is amazing to me. Our ability to turn the other direction when we think that something is wrong but we aren’t sure so we unconsciously believe that if we look away that the situation that we think is true will go away. I was that situation and let me tell you I did not go away I just went home. Home. What’s you’re home like? Just for a moment close your eyes and think about what home is like for you. (He does the same and becomes overwhelmed with fear) I…I can’t do it. I close my eyes and I see her. Could you do me a favor? Could I borrow your jacket? Just for a few minutes I just want to get warm and then I’ll give it back to you I promise, it’s just so cold out here. It’s so cold and dark tonight. I was talking about parents, well not my parents just my mom. I don’t even know why I’m telling you all this but everyone out here on the streets has a story. You see Jimmy over there? (Calling over) Hey Jimmy, are the Celtics going to the big game this year (Moment, laughs) I knew you would say that. And when they do we’ll get front row tickets baby. You and me in the front row with the biggest Cokes and the biggest popcorn they have in the place. You and me Jimmy, you and me. (Back to audience) See when you’re out on the streets you sink or swim. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing when I first got here. I was only fourteen but I had to choose to sink into the hell of my mother’s hand or swim and live on the streets freezing my ass off some nights, hungry other nights, and lonely.