A Collection About Missing Black Children: Where is He, Unseen, Dark History


Growing up the missing children in America had a place to live on the side of a milk carton. But where were and are the missing black children? In this collection we deal with the very real story of the fact that African American children go missing and do not get the resources to be found like other children. In “Where is He” a parent asks the question and must brave the conversation they have to have with the policeman that comes to their door. In “Unseen” we dive into the idea of a child walking down the street and then they are gone. To ensure that people understand how simple and fast it can happen to them, to any of us. And finally, in “Dark History” we look into the history of the African American and how that history is being taught and torn away at the same time. That as children disappear it vastly affects what our history will be if no one is here to write it and live it. This is a collection into the historical darkness of missing African American children and how that is affecting all of us in different ways. Missing is terrifying, missing for a lifetime is truly tragic. ***This collection may be performed by a male or female student.

Missing Black Children

  • Where Is He?


    It seems no one cares

    Thoughts of the sun outside

    the heat of the day

    the news that doesn’t affect us

    the neighborhood children laugh

    I miss his laugh.


    My son is missing.

    Walked out of the door,

    Running late- that’s my boy

    Kissed me on my cheek

    Green shirt with blue jeans

    Or a blue shirt with tan pants

    Never thinking the last time I saw him would be the last.

    The final page of a book and all I want to do is turn to the next page

    No more pages

    No more story

    No more him.


    They said they would look for him

    Find him

    The little black boy.

    No one cares when it’s a black child.

    No one but the people that love them.

    Why does no one care?

    Missing animals on the opening of the news-

    Elderly wondering from their homes on the news-

    But black boys and girls are ghosts floating in the

    Nothingness of the “We just don’t care”

    The nowhere- ness of the “Our resources will not be spent on you.”

    Historical- ness of “No one cares about the missing black children.”




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