Mother & Son Collection: Boys Do That & I’m a Momma’s Boy

There is no greater connection that that of mother to child. But there is something special to be said about the connection between a mother and her son. In this collection of poems told from the point of view of the son we hear words that resonate love and acceptance. In Boys Do That & I’m a Momma’s Boy we see a coming of age collection of a teenage boy that realizes he must stand on his own two feet but most admit that no matter the day, he will always love and respect his Momma.

Mother & Son (male)

  • Boys Do That As a baby, young and dumb Wiping the snot from my nose Pulling my underwear out of my butt, because that’s what little boys do. All the things that I did as a young boy were the things that little boys do. I did those things. I ran down the street I played kickball in the empty lot at the end of the street Boys do that Did any of you ever play like that? All of the mommas are on the porches yelling And hollering for their kid, “Come on Jason you betta kick a home run.” My momma was the one standing right behind home plate. Standing there quietly waiting because she knew that’s what I needed And then…boom, I kick it hard past the girl standing on third base “GO, GO! That’s my baby!” And as I cross home plate she is there to give me a big hug. Because that is what momma’s do to their sons. That’s all I knew.




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