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No matter what age we are sometimes our greatest talents are the things that we only do in private and keep to ourselves. But in this collection of poetry, we are going to share the joys of all of the strange talents that makes us special. In Song in the Shower we experience the importance of and the joy and comedy of the preparation for a daily shower. Because not only is the shower happening but a song is happening, a series of songs that are strategically planned out day by day because sometimes when you are only singing to yourself it turns out to be the best music you've ever heard. In Ice Skating Queen we hear the story of a of a girl who has always wanted to ice skate but was never able to, so she did everything in her power to participate in her favorite sport and when wintertime came every year she had an opportunity to get out on the ice. And finally, in a A Cold Walk to School we see the joy in a true snow day. After the snow has freshly fallen- to the kids that translates into it is perfect snow for a snowball fight. A group of friends meet up for a snowball fight that is as strategic as police training camp. once you are hit you are out. Who will live to fight another day? Who will live to throw another snowball? Who will live to enjoy hot chocolate afterwards?

My Greatest Weirdly Awesome Talents

  • Sleep is cool but that morning shower is awesome

    Hear me when I say that my shower

     Is everything that I need it to be

    The water is hot

    So hot that it steams the bathroom just right

    Almost looks like it’s on fire

    A sauna

    I liked it so hot that it might burn my skin if I weren’t

    The kind of person that loves the heat


    Hot showers have all kinds of fun stuff

    Take one of my mom’s bath bombs

    Drop it at my feet

    It starts to melt away like a speeding snowball melting

    The different colors of the ball gathering

    Swimming around the whole in the bottom

    And away it goes into the Netherlands of the pipe system

    But my shower now smells lie vanilla and lavender

    Rain and fresh linens

    Grapefruit was my least favorite flavor but like Baskins there

    Were 31 flavors and I loved them all.

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