It is the day of the show at the Sunny Side Of Life Is Almost Dark retirement home and everything is going according to plan. Director is just about to start the final rehearsal with the Doctor of the home decides that it is just not safe for the patients to participate in this show. Director argues that there is nothing wrong with the talents of: juggling family pictures, an elderly knife throwing act and a belly dancer. When the show is canceled the patients gather to protest and go on strike from all kinds of things that may not be good for the home including: food, showers and diapers but most importantly no more medicine. Through a series of events eventually the show is back on and with the support of the doctor that at one time was absolutely against the show. Sometimes all it takes is a little helping hand and an open heart to get people to cross over to your side.

Never Too Old For Talent

  • (Scene opens with Director holding a clipboard and going through a checklist. We are in a retirement home where everyone is old but full of life.) Director: Come on people. Come on! The time is now. We have no time for later. Today is the day that all of you can go from just regular people to stars. Today is the day. Mave: I’m ready boss! Director: That’s great Mave. I have always thought knife throwing was a craft. With talent like yours you are half way there. Mave: Can I practice with you? Director: Oh sorry Mave see you at the show. Curtis: I’m juggling pictures of my family how’s that for talent? Director: Go Curtis! Be careful that summer vacation pic looks like those corners are sharp. Flo: Boss. Boss! Director: Yea Flo? Flo: I’ve been working on my belly dancing. (Director watches for a minute then turns away hiding the horror) Director: It’s gonna be a close competition this year boys and girls. Let’s see who brings home the gold. Dr. P: What in the hell is going on around here? Mave? Curtis if you break that good hip we will not replace it. Flo! Where are your clothes? Director: What’s wrong Doc? Dr. P: Heath, your job as the director of programing here at Sunny Side Of Life Is Almost Dark is to make sure that our residences have a great, great, great time with the little bit of time they have left. Director: Dr. P look at this talent. This is my calling. Who needs to work on Broadway when I can direct all this talent here? Dr. P: No talent shows Heath. Director: But- Dr. P: No butts (He looks at Flo who is still belly dancing) Director: But- Dr. P: No buts, and tell Flo to cover all that up. That’s just not sanitary. Director: (Sinister whisper) The show must go on.




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