When sisters Sasha and Heather were growing up all they knew was the game of tennis. From the moment they were able to walk they were on the court playing the game. For them it was more than a game it was their way of communicating with each other, their love without it being forced on them. As they got older they became a force in the professional tennis world but when Sasha begins to lose her sight she begins to feel like she is losing the very air that she breathes. But it is through the game that Heather is able to get her to understand that tennis was an instrumental part of their lives, but it isn’t their air, because she can in fact not play tennis and still live. It takes the love and support of a sister to get the other to see, actually see, that sometimes we have a purpose in life and sometimes that purpose changes or shifts and we have to adjust with it, because it’s life. As the sister’s story plays out on the tennis court Sasha is finally able to look at the court and into the stands that she often describes as “home” and realize that the time always comes that we have to leave home for other things. In this high energy, tennis game of love the sisters play their best game of life through the strokes of their rackets.

Playing the Game, Fighting for Home

  • (Scene opens to Sasha and Heather, two sisters standing side by side in a serious tennis player position as if they are waiting for their first serve to come. Heather goes back and serves; the game has started. We see the sisters play each other. They play hard as if they are truly playing for their life. For a moment the audience wouldn’t know they are sisters, they continue to play before they break when Sasha slams a hit on Heather. Heather breaks, clearly upset.)


    Heather: Damn it!

    Sasha: Hey, hey what was that? (Heather is walking around in her own world, she is focused on what just happened, out of breath and irritated.)

    Heather: I’m better than this Sash. (She checks her racket.)

    Sasha: Better than what? Better than losing a point to your little sister?

    Heather: I didn’t mean it like- I just-

    Sasha: -you just know you’re better than me so when I’m kicking your ass it bothers you? I got it. (Sasha grabs her towel. Heather drinks her water for a moment. Heather stares at Sasha. Silence.)

    Sasha: Don’t even think about it.

    Heather: What?

    Sasha: I swear I will hit you with this racket. (Heather begins to squirt Sasha with her water. They both begin to laugh uncontrollably. Sasha throws balls at Heather. Heather continues to get her wet. They laugh into an embrace.)

    Heather: You’re a kick ass player and an even better sister.

    Sasha: Damn right I am. One more set?

    Heather: Let’s do it. (They get back into their original positions.)