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A Collection of Poetry Collection About Playing the Dating Game: And Just Like That, Selfie Art, Old School


Dating Game is a collection of poetry that explores the joy and hope we find on our journey for that special someone. We experience everything from the challenges of dating apps, to the comedy in taking the perfect selfie, and finally the happiness when two hearts come together. Through these poems we learn to laugh at ourselves a bit more and to never lose hope. In the end, it is not the tears and heartbreak that we will remember but rather the moments when we found the love we searched for finally reflected back in the eyes of our person. This collection is full of laughter and emotion that will remind us why we are willing to engage in the dating game.

Playing the Dating Game

  • And Just Like That…

    And just like that…

    I was alone.

    I am not afraid of being alone, just liked being a couple.

    Someone to lean on, a person to have my back, a reason to come home from work.

    I just wondered why not me, I wanted to find my person.

    I decided to get back on the dating apps.

    Choosing the words in my profile perfectly…just enough to be interesting

    But not too much to attract the pervs or creepers.

    Sexy and cute but nuanced and complicated enough to leave some mystery.

    And just like that…I was dating again.

    With just one swipe you never know what you are going to get…

    Will it be my last first kiss, or my next heartbreaking disappointment.

    I read one profile after the next wondering how much is fact or fiction?

    I look at the pics, searching for context clues: how old are they really? Is the house clean?  Is that really his hair?


    I have now swiped right on 13 profiles, the wait begins…

    First match: “Hey sweet thang” …No, an emphatic, no, been there and sadly done that, No!

    Second match: “Do you date men in an open relationship?” Ick! Hard Pass!

    Third match: “I see you like books, who is your favorite author?”  Ok, I will bite, lucky number three!

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