In the wake of living in a country where mass shooting happen far to often a collection of poems addresses this phenomenon. In Country Song a young woman recounts her evening at the country music festival that ended up being the background for the Las Vegas Shooting She lists off very early the four songs that she could possibly write to signify her experience that night. Like any good country song, they are all relevant, personal and passionate. The last being “I Love My Daddy” who was there by her side when she woke up in the hospital the next day after being shot and trampled at the event. Sometimes all we need is a little country to tell a solid story. Then we move to Last Date with Daddy which chronicles a father daughter date that neither one of them will ever forget. A trip that they both were so excited about happened to be the same night of the Las Vegas Mass Shooting of 2017. In the midst of the mayhem she loses sight of her father and finds herself standing in the middle of a now war zone looking for her hero, her father. Finally, she finds his boot and stands in that spot looking for him when a stranger tells her that he had been scooped up and taken to the hospital. Time has passed, they are both back home and safe. She tells him that she didn’t want her last date with him to be that night, daddy’s little girl.

PO- Las Vegas Mass Shooting 2017

  • Country Song


    “The Night the Shot Rang Out”

    “I Love You Daddy”

    “Sitting on Tennessee, Steppin’ in Vegas”

    “A Country Song and A Glass of Lemonade”


    These are just a few of the names of my country song

    The song that I would sing if someone asked me

    “What would you name the song you’d sing after surviving the shooting in Vegas?”


    What song

    What melody

    What rhythm

    What beat

    I think to myself it would be a terrible song because I’d have to ask

    What lyrics?


    Days after the shooting I stand in my own reflection

    Mirror to my face

    My face

    An off kiltered shadow of the light that it once represented

    Profile right: three-inch cut

    Profile left: size nine female foot print

    She stepped on my face so hard as she was running over me

    Running away

    Running for her life

    Running and screaming and not looking at what that soft thing was her nine-inch foot was putting all of her weight on

    Top of the head: two-inch laceration requiring seventeen stiches

    From my head plunging into the steel stairs I attempted to run down

    Confined to my hospital bed for six days as they operated on me.

    Strangers watched me run down the steps

    Running for my life

    Missed a step or was pushed in the midst of the insanity

    Lying there

    Rolling down the steel stairs

    Trying to catch my step

    Trying to catch my breath

    Trying to…live.




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