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Some people love rain and other people hate it. Some people have wonderful memories of playing in the rain while others have tragic stories of loss and despair. Whether your memories of rain are positive or negative there is one thing that we can all agree with and that is that rain definitely has power. And No More Worries the poet talks about their fascination and love for rain. All of the things that rain does that they connect with, the things that bring them joy that are connected to rain and also the recognition that rain is very very powerful. In Rain, we learn about the importance of rain in accordance to other elements that exist in the world. We then hear how this character celebrates every time it rains. By curling up next to their mother with a poetry book, a very special book that cements the bond between the two. An interesting and touching look at something that seemingly comes and goes in all of our lives but can still make its mark. In Float a Boat we see the story of a brother and sister. The brother doesn't speak but the sister feels like she has an understanding of how to communicate with him. They have a silent bond that they have built that allows them to communicate with each other with motions and emotions. But little brother Jake knows that when it rains it is time to put on their raincoats and grab the boats that they had made at camp this summer and float them down the street. This is a coming-of-age story, that reminds us all that even when it's raining outside it is very possible that wonderful things are happening in the midst of a treacherous storm.

Power of Rain

  • I find comfort in the weirdest things

    Watching tv with my family

    Makes me feel like not only am I special

    But I am accepted and loved


    I run towards the rainbow thinking that

    If it can bring me joy anywhere near what

    I get just from see it and running to it

    I’d to put it in my pocket where I will

    Take care of it as if it were the child I hope

    To have one day

    Keep it safe

    Only take it out on days when I am sad

    Or to show a friend what happiness looks like


    I’m obsessed with rain

    Not the hard scary rains that make my dog cower

    But the soft rains that bring all of the animals out to play

    The kind of rain that makes me break my neck to look up

    Because I’m wondering if what I read online is true

    Or if up there really is a Jack and if there could possibly

    Be a Beanstalk

    And did something or someone make it rain or it is just what happens

    Up there

    Farther away than we can imagine

    And so magical we can’t even dream.

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