Jack is a military man who committed his life to serving his country. Unfortunately when he returns from his forth tour in Iraq he finds himself absolutely lost in the world that use to be normal to him but has now become completely foreign. He can not connect to his wife, or his children and he can not move forward as his mind will not let him. He is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the most serious way. Jack can’t sleep because the nightmares are so vicious. He waked up covered in sweat and feeling like he is back there instead of at home safe. He tries to get assistance by attending therapy but what he begs for is something to take away the nightmares. Finally he finds himself standing over his pregnant wife with a knife in one hand and his other hand around her neck. She talks him out of killing her and that night he walks out of his life, onto the streets to never return. This is the story of so many vets that return to the US with a great amount of struggles that they need to work through but can’t find the assistance the need in order to move forward with coming back to life as it used to be. Jack never finds his way back home the way he wants but he does find ways to connect with his family without putting them in danger. It is heartbreaking to know that someone who gave their life is now fighting to live in the place that he calls home.

PR- Chasing Home

  • My mother said the greatest gift she was ever given other than my father and I was the American flag perfectly folded when my father died fighting for our country. At the funeral I sat next to her holding her hand and watching as the men in uniform in there white gloves folded the flag and in pristine presentation gave it to my mother. I watched so closely maybe hoping I'd be able to replicate it one day; lay it out then fold one corner to corner and keep folding until you reach the end, perfect every time. My mother then turned and gave the flag to me. My father would always say, "Little Jack while I'm away flying planes to keep us safe you're the man of the house. Take care of your mother and always remember to leave the porch light on for me." I'll never forget that day. My father's flag sits still perfectly folded in a glass case in my mother’s living room. I think of it often. Wondering if those men have folded a flag for me and giving it to my mother? Worried that she doesn't know that I'm out here, and I'm alive, and that one day I hope that I will be able to find my way home.




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