There was once a time in history when schools were considered a safe place to be. Unfortunately, through a series of situations some people fear walking into a school as much as they fear walking in to a prison. For this high school teenage girl her future isn’t looking promising. As she reflects on her years in school and finally introduces us to her reality of high school life we slowly see her shift from storyteller to high school shooter. When she decides to take justice into her own hands to defend her favorite teacher and her friend we see the desperation that can fall into the hands of a teenager and how sometimes the only way that some feel a situation can be handled is by giving their own form of Clear Justice.

PR- Clear Justice

  • Do you know what a Shelter in Place is? You remember in school when you had to have fire drills and tornado drills? Well in my school we had Shelter in Place drills. Someone comes over the intercom and says “Shelter in place” and we all run to the farthest corner of the room, turn the lights out and we huddle in the corner in silence and we wait for the all clear. See that someone would come over the intercom and say “All clear, all clear, all clear.” Now it has to be three times or it doesn’t count. What’s crazy is that most school shootings happen on the campus of the student that is doing the shooting. See how stupid that is? They are basically teaching the shooter how to get away with it. So let’s say if a pissed off teenager brings a gun to school and they see them coming so they call for a shelter in place, but the shooter goes to school there see? So the shooter knows what’s going on and the shooter knows that no one is going to be in the hallway because they called it before I could get to Mr. Lacey’s room. Sorry, did I say “I”? I didn’t mean that. But don’t you see?




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