Caroline is a typical college freshman. She knows it all and she is ready for it all. She sits in her freshman orientation listening to the Dean and a guest speaker talk about safety on campus as she ‘s not listening, just as she didn’t when her parents warned her of the dangers. In a blink of a night of frat party jumping Caroline finds herself drugged and in the trunk of a car, tied up with another girl. She then wakes up having been sold into the sex trafficking world. She recounts the two hundred fifty-three days that she spends sold. Her spirit is broken, she looses her will to live, her humanity but some how she is spared. In a twist of events the man that bought her allows her to leave, she runs to her freedom. Now she stands as a testament of the horrors that she experienced but the ability to fight and recover. It is a touching coming of age story that shows us that we are stronger than we believe or even know that we can be when confronted with the right situation. She hopes that shearing her story and informing others will save the next girls life. If only one.

PR- Falling

  • Recovery is all about the first step, that’s what they say in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Let me just tell you straight first steps suck. First steps are like falling backwards down a hole and not being able to see where the bottom is so that you can brace yourself before you hit it. Does that make sense? If I fall I want to fall face first so that I can see the ground, know when to brace myself, know how to brace myself, know if I’m hitting water or concrete. I’m in recovery. I feel like I’ll be in recovery for the rest of my life, however long that is. I’ve tried a few times to end it. Took pills- mom came home and caught me. Broke into my dad’s gun case but I couldn’t figure out how to take the safety off. Stood here a few times… thirty-seventh floor, looking over the edge, praying the wind would push me over, arms spread honestly ready to die. Do you hear me? I am ready to die. Two hundred and fifty- three days, that’s how many days they had me, raped me, sold me.