Parenting is a very difficult task. For this man is it even more difficult because he used to be a bully in high school and now in his own life, his son Noah is being bullied in elementary school by a boy that reminds him of the man he used to be. When his son comes home with a letter from Noah’s teacher informing him that his son has been bullied he is furious but understands the situation. Noah is different and not like the other kids, but Noah is the love of his life. The most amazing child he has ever known and he has to defend him. This situation is an emotional roller coaster for him to figure out how to help his son. He decides to ask the teacher if he can go up to the school and talk to the classes about bullying and how to treat each other. Noah comes home from school that day and explains to his dad that the boy that was being mean to him was nice that day and that made him happy. In children sometimes we can teach them how to treat each other by remembering and accepting the things that we adults did at that age. Noah curls up next to his father and opens a good book to end his perfect day with.

PR- Karma

  • I was a bully when I was in high school. I was a football player. I was mean and I was a complete jerk. My mother made it very clear to me that this would come back to haunt me. I always dismissed it and we always laughed about it at dinner but I think looking at my life now maybe she was right. I graduate from high school went to college and dropped the tough guy act. I married my wife and now we have a seven-year-old son Noah. He is the most amazing kid. And I'm not saying that because he's my son I'm saying it because it's actually true. He's funny and energetic and he makes me laugh every day. He has his rituals, these things that he does every single day and they absolutely make me smile from ear to ear. Every morning when I wake up for breakfast he is already sitting at the table with the bowl and a spoon in front of him and two empty coffee cups and the newspaper in front of my seat. My wife comes in she makes the cereal and pours my coffee and we sit and eat every morning as a family. All things considered it's a pretty wonderful life. Mother was right though, Noah is amazing because he is mine but Noah is also mentally retarded.




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