An El Salvadorian woman speaks on the challenges of being raised in a country where women don’t have the rights that they do in America. After years of her mother telling her what a wonderful place America is for freedom her parents finally send her to America with one request, never forget where you came from. As she speaks of the connection she aspires for her children to have with her homeland she shares the challenges of keeping the connection with so much distance. The greatest hurdle to overcome is getting her American husband to understand the importance of their children knowing about both sides of them, even if one isn’t as pretty as the other. The story is touching on different levels of the family dynamic and also the idea that the most important thing about family, is family.

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  • “Hoy te pido por salud y comprension de mis hijos.” Today I pray for health and the understanding of my children. I start every morning with a prayer to my two twin daughters and I always say it in Spanish. There's only so much that I have control over living in America and being of El Salvadorian descent. But just like any other nationality I want my children to know, be aware and learn to love and respect exactly where they came from. But the harder I work the more difficult I find it to be. It's difficult to hold on to a world that you know longer live in. But I'll try, I honestly try.




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