Tracy is the child of overbearing rich parents who never wanted a child. But when they did have her she was going to be the perfect example of what a rich princess is supposed to be. Tracy never felt love from her parents but she was always overwhelmed with the amount of things that her parents had her involved in. They finally sent her away to boarding school for rich kids, so she could “Be around people like her.” Tracy eventually rebelled and dropped out of school. Her parents cut her off and in a short amount of time she found herself in an abusive relationship with a drug dealer and addicted to meth. This is a story of a girl who went from everything to nothing in a matter of months and as she reflects on her choices she doesn't know how or if she’ll be able to get out.

PR- Looking For Love: Addicted

  • I am an only child. Which means that I get a ridiculous amount of attention from my parents. And sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad. The older I've gotten the more I realize that I wish I had a little brother or sister, someone that could share the stress of this life with me. It's like going to a museum and standing in front of the most amazing portrait because all we see are the strokes of paint and the beautiful colors. You don't see the struggle of the alcoholic artist or the abuse that this artist went through that gave them the strength to tell their story through art. So I guess I'm like a painting. To look at me you'd think that I was beautiful and life is perfect. But the artist inside of me is screaming to be let out. Screaming for help.




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