A woman shares with us the challenges of looking different from an illness that is no fault of her own. She relates her story to us in terms of being special no matter what you look like and sometimes the things that make a woman a woman aren't as important as they may seem to be. As her hair loss struggle makes her laugh it, in the end will also bring her to tears of pain and the joy of acceptance.

PR- Makes Me A Woman

  • I see them. I see them all. It’s so funny to me, the way people stare at me. I just want to tell their parents that there is nothing wrong with being different or original and that they need to teach their child that, as my mother taught me, “When they stare at you it is because they can’t look away from the beauty, that is you.” That always made me smile, when I was younger and I hadn’t accepted the fact that at the age of thirty -five I would lose one of the things that I always felt like made me a woman. No, no, not my breasts- my hair, and I lost all of it. This is a picture of me when I was five years old. Cute right? I know you can see the life in this picture. I was the best cheerleader on the peewee league. T-I-G-E-R-S tigers are the best. The best yes yes the best. Woo! Five years old, pig tails and my gold and black skirt cheering for my life.




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