An African American young man prepares for a ritual that he has with his grandfather. They spend the first Saturday of every month together and on this Saturday they had planned to participate in a Black Lives Matter protest. Unfortunately, when his grandfather has a heart attack he is stuck reflecting on what his life has been with this his Papa in it. As he sits with him in his emergency room he realizes all of the things that he has learned from him. Seeing that all of the stories he shared were like pieces of his history that he didn’t knowingly hold on to until this moment. When his grandfather begins to wake up he points at his shoes that he was wearing then to the clock, showing him there is still time for him to make a difference. He tells him never live in fear, not to fear his death or anything else in his life. It is in that moment that a life lesson is taught; not living in fear has so many different facets that he must look at. Don’t live in the fear that he believes people have for black men, don’t fear his death, and don’t fear making a difference. He then encourages him to go out and make his voice heard. The scene ends with the beginning of the second Saturday, getting ready to go visit his Papa so he can tell him about the weeks events and so he can hear more of the stories that he now knows have changed and shaped his life.

PR- No Fear

  • It is 6 AM on a Saturday morning and I am already up and fully dressed, ready to go. This is what I do the first Saturday morning of every month, I get up early I am dressed standing out on the porch waiting for my grandfather to arrive. It’s the best morning of my month. Being able to spend it with someone who is so wise and has experienced so much life and shares all of his stories with me. Sometimes I feel like I should be taking notes, almost like a historian making sure that I don’t miss any part of the best story I’ve ever heard. It’s 6:10 and he’s never late. I look down the street in both directions- nothing. A few more minutes pass and it’s 6:15 AM. I call my grandfather to see if he’s okay. He doesn’t answer so I leave him a voicemail, “Hey Papa it’s Thomas, did you stop for a breakfast sandwich? I told you them things for all kids of bad stuff in them. Call me.” Sometimes it takes him a little longer to get his cell phone out. Sometimes he can’t even figure out which button it is that he needs to push especially if he doesn’t have his glasses on. But then a man called back and asked me if I knew who this phone belonged to and I said, “Yes sir of course I’s my grandpa. He okay?” He didn’t give me any details just said I should make my way to First Lansing Hospital, said I should come quick. Took my breath away how my favorite day could turn into my most tragic in a matter of minutes.




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