One of the worst days of his life was the day that, as a teenager, he followed his friends to their house and had a video game night. It started out innocent enough but on his way home he was arrested for a rape that he didn’t commit. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. All of the evidence was circumstantial but his story shows us that at times, that is all that is needed. He was found guilty and sent to prison branded a sex offender. After name years of incarceration his evidence is reexamined and he is exonerated of all charges, but the emotional and psychological damage has been done. We listen to his story and sadly watch a man try to put his life back together after experiencing hell on earth.

PR- Patience For Freedom

  • My life has been a series of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I've kept this inside me for far too long and I've found through my anger and disappointment at my situation that I should be heard. I want to speak out so that people know how quickly your life can go from zero to 100 in the wrong direction. How can I go from walking home from my best friends house after nine hours of video games to being thrown in the back of a police car, finger printed for a crime that I didn't commit, and sadly the crime isn't even the worst apart of it. The most cryptic words anyone could ever say to me are, "You fit the description." I was a sophomore in high school, sixteen years old, made good grades, captain of the JV football team. I was raised right with morals and I didn't get caught up in the kid stuff. I had never been in trouble at school or with the law.




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