Kalissa is a teenage girl that is: rich and beautiful and she knows it. She has a group of friends that treat her like a princess and Kyle who follows her around like a lost puppy. With a mix of humor and a dramatic twist Kalissa recounts her birthday party. Hundreds of people have arrived and she is in the midst of an outfit change when she is attached in her room. Kyle comes to her rescue and in the midst of him saving her, he looses he life. It is through this loss that she realizes how much she loved him and what, in the midst of all of the material things she has, is really important. A coming of age story about a “Rich Bitch” realizing that money doesn't mean anything in comparison to true friendship and love.

PR- Rich Bitch

  • Here’s the deal. My name is Kalissa. I’m seventeen, beautiful, fabulous and I’m kind of a big deal in my high school. I basically run my school. All of the girls want to be me and all of the boys just want me. What can I say; I’m just that girl. How did I do? That’s how I present myself everyday. The “it” girl. The girl that everyone wants to be friends with just so they can say that they came to my house and swam in my pool. So the guys can say that they saw the inside of my bedroom and the girls can talk about me behind my back. That’s just the way it is in high school. Everyone has the presentation of who they think they should be and they have the person they really are in their room, alone at night, writing in their journal. I present who I have been told that I am. The bitch. Thanks.




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