Shelly has decided to write a book to assist women. It’s a self-help book of sorts on how to get over your evil ex boyfriend. She is fun and full of life as she is sharing her book with us but sadly Shelly doesn't know how to follow her own rules. When the love of her life hits her for the first time she doesn't follow her own rule of leaving the first time you’re hit. She stays and she watches herself turn into someone she never desired to be. A shell of a woman who cringes every time her boyfriend is in her presence. She finally gets the courage to leave and after a few months she begins to talk to him again. Believe him again and love him again. The piece ends with her reviewing the rules she’s created and the reality that she still loves him but will never forget the times that he hit her. The hardest thing about living is the inability to forget.

PR- Rules For Love

  • Rule number seventeen in this book I’m writing called “How To Get Over Your Evil Ex Boyfriend Without Killing Him” catchy right? Yeah my best friend Kelly said that the title is too long but I think it’s just perfect. It hits all of the major points needed in my book to make all women around the world run to the bookstore and grab a copy. So, about rule number seventeen in the book, and honestly that’s as far as I’ve gotten because I, well I hit a bump in the road. This rule is the worst one to break: Rule seventeen: If he hits you never go back. Ever. I broke it. I broke my own rule. Blake Hanson is his name. I could say was but that would imply that he is no longer in my life. If that were true I’d have no story to tell. So I have to be honest and say that Blake is his name. We met at a bar, of course. If there is one thing a girl in her mid-twenties is a fan of it’s a nice night at a bar, being treated to lots of fruity things in tall glasses topped off with fruit.




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