When a thirteen-year-old girl reflects on the events that led up to her unexpected pregnancy. When she is taken advantage of by the custodian at her school that made her feel special and that she believed she was going to marry she finds herself alone in a way she never thought possible. She tells no one about the pregnancy until the day that he takes her into the Porta potty on the football field and gives her a hand full of pills and locks her in the bathroom. Alone, scared and in a lot of pain she is forced to loose the baby. It is not until this moment that she realizes that he was a predator. Forcing her to finally realize that the man that she trusted had manipulated her young mind, locked her in the Porta potty and left her to die. Through years of counseling and a strong family she is able to move forward and share her story. To assist in helping young girls know that home is the deepest love there is, support and faith. Trust in the people that truly love you for who you are.

PR- Too Young To Know

  • It was about three weeks later I was walking home from school. I always walked home from school. I always took the same path, always walked by myself, and I actually liked it. It gave me time to think about all of the wonderful things I was going to do when I have the opportunity to get out of this place. I stopped at the convenience store on the corner of Jefferson and Lexington and I went in and I bought myself some candy because my grandmother had given me a little extra money that week and when I stepped outside he was on his way in and we almost ran into each other. It felt so right. He smiled at me again and asked me if I was in a rush or if I would mind if he walked me the rest of the way home. As we walked home he held my backpack and I held his hand and he told me all about him. He was from a small town right outside of where I was from. He was amazing. He made me laugh and he walks me straight to the door and he gave me a hug and then he kissed me and gave me this barrette for my hair and I still wear to this day.




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